Une pratique de l'hortithérapie dans le cadre des Ateliers Nature Culture


martine brulÉ

Landscape Architect , Practitioner  in Horticultural therapy was specifically interested in improving the quality of life in health care facilities and hospitals since 2003, when she created the Association Phyll'harmonie, chaired by Professor Marcel RUFO, Psychiatrist-Paediatrician.

Creation of VIV’HARMONIE, since 2007.
Martine Brulé proposes today :

“Les Ateliers Nature Culture”, activities based on techniques adapted to the elderly, people with Alzheimer's disease and related diseases, handicaped people and adolescents in  difficulties, through an approach to the living environment and the plant in particular.

Design and creation of therapeutic and sensory gardens
in healthcare facilities, hospitals, retirement homes.

Interventions Board
for landscaping of workspaces, as well as the “care area” inside and outside the institutions.

Training in Horticultural Therapy for caregivers, therapists, facilitators and youth workers.

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Martine BRULÉ.

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