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4th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM organized by Jardin & Santé Association,  17- 18 November 2014
"The therapeutic goal in Jardins in hospitals and medical social and environmental - multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches.
M.BRULE chaired the roundtable session: entertainment-education evaluation.

AHTA - Annual Conference 2014
MB participated in this year's annual conference, held in Philadelphia on the theme: Growing our Future: Practice and Research
The role of nature in health, was the focus of this conference where many stakeholders from different countries were present and developed their professional activities and research related to horticultural therapy
MB collaborate with members of the AHTA Bureau and Teresia Hazen to develop research projects abroad and have the project to organize a conference in France in the next two years. Teresia Hazen, M.Ed., HTR, QMHP, HT at Legacy Health Hospital, and lecturer, conducts research in the therapeutic garden for many years. TH is responsible for coordinating therapeutic gardens Legacy Health since 1991. Horticultural therapist  graduate, she opens wide opportunities to facilitate interdisciplinary garden design teams to develop treatment programs for patients.



Applications for courses that grow widely in France.
MB provides training in the context of the ANFE the FRENCH NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS, on three themes:

  • Horticultural therapy and healing garden - In practice of a suitable program project care

  • Development of a design project for a therapeutic garden

  • Horticultural therapy – Awareness and basic techniques

Training that cater to an audience of facilities managers, doctors and medical staff.
MB accompanies participants in developing and designing the layout of their future therapeutic garden.



CCAS - Communal Centre for Social Action - Toulon
The candidature of the training project proposed by MB was selected as part of a public contract.
Training in two 3-day sessions in April and June 2014
Theme: Development of a therapeutic support garden project
Location: The nursing home Saphir - 10, rue Marcel Sembat 83051 - Toulon
Audience: Health care workers

Nursing homes - The Cranberries - 06690 - Tourette Levens
Theme: Development of a proposed therapeutic support Garden -
              Awareness horticultural therapy

Nursing homes – La Ricandelle - 38590- St Etienne St Geoirs
3rd operation and monitoring of the project since 2012
Dates: 24 and 25 March 2014
Audience: Medical staff
Theme: Development of a proposed therapeutic support garden and put into practice a horticultural therapy program tailored to facility care project.

ANFE - Paris: Inter Training at the headquarters of ANFE
Dates: May 2014
Public: Nurse, Psychologist and carers
Theme: Awareness horticultural therapy and therapeutic support garden
CHU - Pasteur Hospital - Psychiatric Service Pr Pringuey.
Dates: 2 training sessions: May and September 2014
Audience: Health care workers: AMP, Nurse and Nurse, Occupational Therapist,
Theme: Awareness therapeutic garden and horticultural therapy - Implementation of a program tailored to the hospital project

The workshops of horticultural therapy

At « La Maison Des Adolescents » - Lenval Foundation – Pediatric Hospital in Nice, the workshops “Nature Culture” continue since 2007, with a group of teenagers increasingly broad and hard, which meets regularly once a week for activities related to horticultural therapy.
Creative activities with natural material issue of wild nature: floral arrangements in the art and technics of Ikebana and  miniaturized landscapes design. Those activities are practiced in conjunction with the whole team: direction, psychologists, medical staff, and integrates the management and monitoring of the adolescents into the MDA
This year teenagers present their work as part of a popular exhibition open to families and visitors.

Into the CHU (Psychiatric Clinic in Nice – Psychiatric Department of Prof. Dominique PRINGUEY, horticultural therapy sessions have been initiated by Martine BRULE during the year 2014.
The entire nursing staff: Nurses, Psychologists, Occupational Therapist, Psychomotor have seen the benefits of these sessions on patients who participate in various activities: planting, sowing, pruning shrubs, garden maintenance, production of floral arrangements based on the Art of Ikebana.
These sessions of horticultural therapy enter into the care program and are subject of a Memorandum of assessments supported by the nursing staff.

As part of the training that I initiated with care staff, I develop an introduction to suitable design of therapeutic garden in health facilities. An activity that particularly interested me with valued audiences involved in the project.


Topic : Training on the practice of horticultural therapy (Level 1)
Public: rehabilitation, personal care workers (IDE AS), nursing homes and day centers
Dates: Two Days 5 and 6 April 2011 - Day Three: May 23, 2011


Topic : Awareness of horticultural therapy and therapeutic gardens
Public : rehabilitation, personal care workers
Dates: April 2011

Planned for 2011 :
A Sainte-Marguerite’s Hospital in Marseille 
Pr. Bernard MICHEL’s geriatric’s services
Training for personal care workers

ACPPA –Health Training Pole in Lyon
Topic :  Awareness of horticultural therapy and therapeutic gardens
Public : rehabilitation, personal care workers

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